Who We Are

We are a small hunting outfit located in Hebbronville, Texas (Jim Hogg County) specializing in quality whitetail deer hunting. We pride ourselves in offering you the best equipment, local guides who are intimately familiar with our ranch and a well-organized staff whose only concern is your satisfaction during your hunt.

We hunt on approximately 35,000 acres of prime game habitat, on the Eshleman-Vogt Ranch. This ranch, in the heart of South Texas Brush Country, has been under an intensive management program for more than 25 years, and boasts some 2,900 acres of high-fence hunting with the rest dedicated to low-fence hunting. The management program, combined with excellent habitat, has made our ranch a sportsman’s paradise for whitetail deer and other indigenous game.


Unlike our competition Hebbronville Deer Hunting isn’t about charging its hunters based on a deer’s score. Our hunts are based on opportunity -- we want to provide as many as possible. Our guides are experts at aging and scoring deer on the hoof, so that all hunters — from the least knowledgable to most experienced — will be given the chance to shoot the deer the best fits their desires. And, if you shoot your trophy on the first day there will be plenty of other opportunities to shoot and learn more about deer management, and how a big South Texas ranch runs.


At HDH we encourage family hunts, father-son/grandparent-grandchild, which are great bonding experiences, and help teach the next generation how to shoot, hunt, and be respectful in the field. This kind of confidence-building brings a lifetime of rewards.


Our Hunts 


Our staff at Hebbronville Deer Hunting gives 100 percent to our hunters during their stay and, while we don’t guarantee harvest of a trophy animal, we are proud of our high success rate. Our year-over success rate is 85 percent. More importantly, we guarantee a great hunt and a memorable experience. 


We are hunting in brush country, where savannah-like grass pastures, prickly pear cactus and mesquite trees stretch across low rolling sandy terrain. Most shots are taken between 100 and 200 yards and the minimum standards for a trophy buck are 16-inch inside spread and eight points or more. The majority of animals harvested during the last 12 seasons gross scored between 135-165 Boone & Crockett or better, and averaging 150 B&C.


Our standard trophy hunt is three and one half days. We primarily hunt from blinds, but if conditions permit, we also rattle, stalk, and still-hunt from on foot and from four-wheel drive hunting vehicles. All hunts are fully guided and the guide determines the maturity of the deer. We define a mature buck as one that is 6.5 years old or older. In other words, if a 4.5-year-old steps out that is in the class of deer that you are hunting, you may not be allowed to take it. We have a one-shot rule – if a deer is wounded the hunt is then restricted to the deer at which the shot was taken. We will make every effort to locate the wounded deer.


All trophy hunts are conducted from the first weekend in December through the end of the state’s season. Your hunting dates will be decided at the time you book your hunt with Hebbronville Deer Hunting.

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