Hebbronville Deer Hunting provides a number of price points to best suit your needs.


  • Trophy Hunt – three and a half days for $7,500.
  • Management Hunt – two days for $3,750. This is for a mature buck that scores 115-135 Boone & Crockett (B&C); also, time permitting, includes hunts for spikes.
  • Cull Hunt – one day for $1,250; includes up to four animals: does, spikes, hogs and a cull buck of the guides choice.
  • Father-Son Trophy-Management Hunt – three-day hunt for one trophy and one management buck. Also includes hunts for does and hogs over three days for $10,000.


All hunting packages require a 50 percent non-refundable deposit due upon booking. The balance due prior to the start of your hunt. If a conflict should arise and you cannot make your scheduled hunt we will make every effort to find a replacement hunter for your hunting dates. If you have not had an opportunity to harvest a whitetail buck during your three-and-a-half day hunt we will extend your hunt another one and a half days or apply half of the fee toward a hunt next season.



Guidelines for Deer

  • Trophy Bucks are mature deer at least 6.5 years old and scoring above 135 gross B&C. Guides determine age and give the hunter an idea of what the deer will score.


  • Management Bucks are 4.5 years and older, with eight to 10 points, scoring between 115-135 B&C.


  • Cull Bucks are bucks of any age that are less than 115 B&C, which the guide feels does not fit the ranch’s management program. This is most often either a spike or a very old buck.

Additional information to consider:

 Included in your hunt

  • Transportation during the hunt in well-equipped four-wheel drive vehicles;
  • The service of a professional guide;
  • Services of a professional staff;
  • Field dressing and cold storage of game taken;
  • Transportation of trophies to local taxidermist;
  • Refreshments while in the field.

Not Included

  • Hunting license;
  • Accommodations, at the ranch for $75 a night per hunter;
  • Cost of caping or skinning your trophy deer or other game taken ($30 to $60 each depending on size);
  • Packing or shipping of meat, skins or antlers;
  • Gratuities, liquor, ammunition.

Additional requirements

  • Texas residents: Combination license;
  • Non-residents: Standard license;
  • All hunters are required to sign liability release forms prior to the start of all hunts;
  • All hunters are required to sight in their rifles at our shooting range prior to the start of all hunts.